Matcha Latté (240g)


Product Description

What is Matcha?

Green tea Matcha is a finely powdered tea obtained from grinding tea leaves. The ground tea is the characteristic that makes it special and makes tea quality far superior to other standard green tea.

Good for health?

Green tea Matcha is well known for their abundance of antioxidant properties like fruits and vegetables: pomegranates and blueberries.

The antioxidants known as catechin are naturally occurring substances that slow the progression of the disease and the natural aging process. Matcha also contains theanine, which helps to relieve tension. A daily dose of catechins will help restore the body’s natural balance and well-being. (Anti-cancer, anti-aging)

Easy to prepare?

Mix 10g (1 table spoon) of Matcha latté with 250ml of cold/hot water, cold/hot milk or soda. Mix well. The best way to start the day!

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Weight 240 kg
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