The curriculum

Student can choose from the following set curriculum:

A. Basic course (for beginner level)

This course allows beginner students to develop communication and expression skills and to practice.


B. Writing course (for intermediate level)

This is intended for intermediate students who already have a solid base of Japanese. Students work on: grammer, Kanji, writing and listening. Students are also introduced how to write an essay.


C. Writing course (for advanced level)

This course is aimed advanced students to acquire: idioms and current affairs, to read, understad and digest newspapers/magazines, and to learn 10 important categories.


D. Essay course

Students specifically learn to read, write, summarize and discuss: contemporary essays and ancient literature and writing.


E. Business language/conversation course

Students learn language that is specific to oral and written communication in the business world with listening exercises.


F. Intensive course (for various levels)

This course aimes to develop: listening, reading, oral expression and understanding in a short period of time. It is available for all the levels.


G. Corporate language training course in private/semi-private/group

The course is offered on-site for corporate clients. The class is customized and taught using relevant and productive learning strategies of our highly-qualified instructors.


H. Preparation for Japan Language Proficiency Test

This course allows students to obtain all the theory that will help them improve their skills in reading, writing, listening and oral expression for the official Japan Language Proficiency Test.


I. Preparation for Japanese university entry exams

This course allows international students in Japan and Japanese students to prepare for the university entry exams.


J. Mathematics

This course allow students to prepare for the university mathematics exams.

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