About Us


Sakao Enterprise Group

Sakao Enterprise Group consists with 3 companies: The Miyabi, Japan Produce, Japan Produce Montreal (JPM) and becomes a bridge to the world where Japan connects to.

Our vision

Through our outstanding products and most admired services and real beauty of Japanese culture combined with other existing cultures, Sakao Enterprise will enable to create a new culture for better quality of life in this 21st century.

Our mission

Sakao Enterprise Group: The Miyabi, Japan Produce, Japan Produce Montreal (JPM) is committed to provide finest products and world’s number one Japanese service accessible to everyone in the world.

– The Miyabi

An online tea store that offers a collection of high quality green tea and a wide variety of tea ceremony products to retailers, restaurants, hotels and individual customers all over the world. Tea ceremony lessons are also offered in Japan to provide great opportunities to learn Japanese tea/Zen culture and to learn to appreciate each moment of our lives over a bowl of tea.

– ジャパンプロデュース

A Japanese language school offering customized private Japanese lessons to individual clients, corporate clients, students, homemakers in Japan. Students not only learn the language but also Japanese culture.

– Japan Produce Montreal (JPM)

An educational agent to support students from Japan to study abroad to Montreal, Canada. Main office is located in a heart of Montreal, branch office in Tokyo to support students with their school/accommodation registrations, application of visa, departure/arrival information etc. JPM wishes a lot more people in Japan to see the world, different culture, languages and to become international individuals.


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