Set Products 1

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6 tea ceremony items (山道盆6点セット).

¥8,000 JPY

It comes with 6 tea ceremony items (山道盆6点セット).

Plastic tray, tea bowl, tea container, tea whisk, tea scoop, small towel ( 盆,茶碗・なつめ・茶筅・茶杓・茶巾)

6 design options for tea bowl: Shiro Shippo, Kuro Shippo, Shiromari, Kuromari, Hakeme (白七宝・黒七宝, 白まり・黒まり・刷毛目)

4 design options for tea container : Shu Tsubotsubo, Kuro Shippo, Shuka Maru, Kokka Maru (朱つぼつぼ・黒七宝・朱, 朱花まる, 黒花まる).


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