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1) Why have some of the tea ceremony products been discontinued?

There are products which are specifically made for one season and due to a seasonal change, it is out on the website once a year. Certain products are made only once or there is only one product. Please consult for the availability of each product.

2) How do I keep each tea fresh?

Most tea can be kept fresh in a dry place however it is fresh for a month after opening.

Green tea can be kept fresh in a fridge , however please make sure to leave it at a room temperature before opening a package.

3) Where does tea come from?

All of our tea come directly from Japan. Specifically, Matcha and Gyokuro come from Kyoto and Fukamushi, Konacha, Genmaicha, Genmaicha with Matcha and Hojicha come from Shizuoka.

4) Which tea would you recommend for beginners?

Our special blend Fukamushi is deep and sweet in taste and very smooth for beginners.

5) Can I use tea for cooking?

Yes, Matcha is commonly used for baking and decoration. Fukamushi-cha can be used for Japanese cooking: tempura, rice, pasta, soup etc. We can be very creative and also be healthy!

6) How can I order tea/ tea products online?

Please contact us by e-mail, phone or by fax so that we can send you an invoice with a total cost including a shipping fee. The cost is payable within 7 business after we issue an invoice. Please consult the available payment options.

7) What happens if the products I ordered are damaged?

Please contact us directly by e-mail or phone to report us the damage. Please keep all wrapping, packaging materials, invoices and the damaged item, as they will be required to process the claim and provide a proof of damage. Please also ask for a damage report from a post office.

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