Japan Produce Montreal (JPM) provides following services for students and their families to make their dreams come true!

A. Before departure

  1. JPM receives an Inquiry by e-mail or by telephone.
  2. JPM offers a Counselling session by e-mail, telephone, skype, or in person.
  3. JPM provides Estimate costs after the counselling session.
  4. Students can do a Registration at Japan Produce Montreal (JPM).
  5. JPM supports students to do a School registration.
  6. JPM also support students to do Visa/ Passport application (if applicable).
  7. Students can proceed with Homestay/ Residence registration.
  8. Students Purchase airplane ticket/ travel insurance.
  9. JPM offers Before departure counselling.

B. After arrival

JPM offers Arrival orientation / In Canada support

C. Aftercare/ support

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