Living with a host family helps students:

  1. To improve English/ French skill;
  2. To experience real Canadian life;
  3. To feel safe and to be able to get support in case of emergency;
  4. To feel comfortable at a house with all necessities;
  5. To be able to meet local people and meet new people other than people at school;
  6. To be able to go and visit places only the local people know;
  7. To be able to focus on studying not on problems that may occur at home if a student lives by him/herself or at a residence.

Students need to understand:

  1. There are rules at each house;
  2. There are some houses far from school;
  3. The food is different from those cooked at home;
  4. There are families with small kids;
  5. The price for homestay tends to be higher than residence

Although there are some factors that students need to understand when living with a host family, Sakao Enterprise offers our services in order to reduce problems that students may have.


Living in student residence helps students:

    1. To have more independence and freedom. (However, there are rules.)
    2. To interact with other students and meet new people outside of school;
    3. To easily get to school; (Often residence is located closer to school compared a distance from homestay;
    4. To have an opportunity to learn different languages and culture

Students need to understand:

    1. Students are responsable to purchase their own food and their laundries;
    2. There may be less privacy and more noise;
    3. There may be too much freedom.

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