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Japan Produce Montreal (JPM) offers high quality services to support students study abroad in Montreal, Canada, one of the best countries in the world to live in and that it has been considered as an ideal destination with most respected education system. Montreal is an unique and safe city with cultural diversity, two official languages, full of opportunities for the future and lots more to offer.

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There are two offices to support every student to go study in Montreal. An experienced counsellor at a main office in Montreal works closely with a branch office in Tokyo in order to fully support students for their future endeavors. We assure that the students and their families feel safe, comfortable and confident prior to and during their studies in Montreal.

As two offices work very closely the information provided to students is up-to-date as if the students are actually in Montreal obtaining the information him/herself directly from school. The counsellor in Montreal has an experience: being an exchange student, an international student, an education agent, a language school representative and an immigrant, every student can feel comfortable asking various questions prior to and during their trip.

Japan Produce also offers its special 10 day studying abroad program to those who plan to work internationally in the future!

For more information, please check out 10 day short stay program in Montreal.



Please contact Japan Produce Montreal (JPM) for more information.

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