CLC Montreal

logo_fr&en_20111004CLC Montreal is a language school located in a west of Montreal where there are various little stores, cafes and restaurants. They offer English and French Intensive program (30 hours/week) and Full-time Program (25hours/week) and other par-time class for Spanish and Japanese.

Why learning at CLC Montreal?

CLC Montreal offers:

  • Various volunteer activities and tea party events where students can interact with local people (Mondays: French, Tuesdays: Japanese, Wednesdays: Spanish, Thursdays: English).
  • Small size class/school provides a close attention to each student
  • Students can take a placement test prior to/on their arrival in Montreal
  • There are 4 levels for English and French program
  • School is located on the Monkland street with lots of cafes, restaurants and little cute stores
  • Work Experience Program for those who are on their Working Holiday visas
  • Travel Program to study a language and discover Montreal
  • Various activities: crêpe party, billiards tournament, cycling, Kimchi workshop etc.
  • TOEIC / TOEFL / IELTS / TEFaQ preparation classes
  • Personal student learning file to track students’ learning progress and needs

SPECIAL PROMOTION/DISCOUNTS exclusively for the students applying through JP Montreal!

1) 10% Discount from tuition fee for registrations done between January 1-31, 2015.

2) TBC


12 week Full-time English Program (25hours/week) – Regular Price

$3,840CAD (Tuition fee+book fee) +$100CAD (registration fee) =$3,940CAD

12 week Full-time English Program (25hours/week) – Promotional Price

$3,840CAD (Tuition fee+book fee) +$0CAD (registration fee) =$3,456CAD








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